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v6PC MLDv2 Test

last update Nov. 14, 2012

Test Profile

[I] Guidelines

  • Policy Document (Version x.x.x) (pdf file) (updated at x/x/x)
  • Profile Document (Version x.x.x) (pdf file) (updated at x/x/x)

[II] Conformance Test Specifications

[III] Interoperability Test Specificetion Scenario

  • Interoperability Test Suite (Revision 1.0) (updated at 2009/12/1 from UNH-IOL)

Conformance Test Tool

The Test Tool correspendent to above specificaion is available.
If you want to try it, prepare a FreeBSD/i386 (6.4-RELEASE/7.1-RELEASE or higher) installed PC and install both of TAHI Platform and Test Scripts listed below.

[I] TAHI Platform

How to install v6eval
somewhere# tar zxvf v6eval-3.2.0.tar.gz
somewhere# cd v6eval-3.2.0
somewhere/v6eval-3.2.0# make
somewhere/v6eval-3.2.0# make install

[II] Remote Files

The test without remote files is not comfortable. Especially, listeners' test is dufficult.
However, remote files are not supported officially. The following archives are well-intentioned samples. If you need own remote files, please create for yourself. Besides, if you contribute, your remote files may be added to this. :-)
How to install v6eval-remotes
somewhere# tar zxvf v6eval-remotes-3.0.tar.gz
somewhere# cd v6eval-remotes-3.0
somewhere/v6eval-remotes-3.0# make
somewhere/v6eval-remotes-3.0# make install

[III] Test Scripts

Run the Self-test

      Please refer to INSTALL.ct and 00README.


MLDv2 Sub Working Group

We are one of Sub Working Groups of IPv6 Promotion Council Certification Working Group.

Development members

  • NTT Advanced Technology Corporation (NTT-AT)
  • Yokogawa Electric Corporation

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